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Complete Control from the
Pasture to the Butcher Block

In 2020, we saw a problem.
We were raising meat with care,
but it wasn’t being processed properly.

Our customers were getting cuts that didn’t match what they had asked for. The packaging wasn’t properly sealed. Meat was aged incorrectly. On top of that, sometimes it was impossible to even get slots for our animals to be processed at all.

There had to be a better way.

You deserve well-raised meat
that’s been well-processed.
It's non negotiable.

We decided to take control of the entire operation. Instead of just raising the animals and sending them off to the processor, we opened our own processing facility right here on the farm.

Now, we control everything about our meat
from birth to your plate. No mysteries.

We raise the grass and hay that our cows and bison eat. We carefully source the local feed that we give to our pigs.  Each animal is born on our land and spends its whole life on our farm.  They receive humane care and enjoy a high quality of life.  Then, they’re processed right here on the farm. We make sure that each cut is perfect and that the packaging stays sealed.

In the end, you receive nutrient-dense,
great tasting meat with the Farm Creek Meats guarantee.
This really is meat you can trust.



Born, raised, and finished exclusively on grass. You can taste the difference!


Pasture Raised

Hogs raised with ethical care, by farmers who care!
Pastured Pork!


100% Grass Fed

Born, raised, and finished exclusively on grass. You can taste the difference!



Lamb raised by some of the best sheep hearders there are!  100% Grass Fed Lamb!



Comfortable attire for out-door activity’s and standing out at your neighborhood cookout!


Tailored For OUR MEAT'S

Have your flavors stand out above the rest with our assortment of Farm Creek Spices.


Monty Davis  FCM has the best beef I've ever tasted! Bjorn and his family are some of the nicest people I know. The pride in their farm, their products and the American dream makes it easy to support this wonderful farm!

Parker Jackson  A family-run business with unbeatable meat. It’s cool they deliver to SLC residents, too. Only FCM stuff goes in my smoker. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Megh S.  It's the best meat I've ever tasted. I got a whole hog, lamb, and half a side of beef. All of it has been absolutely incredible.

About the Farmers

Farm Creek Meats is a collaboration between Doug Reid and Bjorn Carlson. We were both raising meat and selling it directly to consumers when we identified the processing problem.

Doug had an unused building on his land, which is where we built the processing facility.

Bjorn and his family raise beef, pork, and lamb. Doug raises bison, beef, and pork.

We both raise our animals humanely on pasture without any hormones or antibiotics. The resulting meat is rich-tasting, full of nutrients, and better than anything you can find at the grocery store.

We’re proud to bring Farm Creek Meats to your table.