Bison Sirloin Steak

A sirloin steak is a cut of beef that comes from the posterior part of the animal’s lumbar region, specifically from the upper hip area. The sirloin steak is composed of two major muscles, the Longissimus and the Psoas major, which are relatively lean compared to other beef cuts. These muscles are responsible for the sirloin steak’s characteristic texture and flavor. The Longissimus is located closer to the animal’s back, and is therefore more tender, while the Psoas major is located closer to the animal’s hind leg and is leaner. The sirloin steak is a popular cut of beef for grilling due to its rich flavor and medium-textured meat.

All meat that we sell is Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised by us at Farm Creek Meats and is butchered by our staff in our own USDA inspected Abbatoir. What sets us apart from any other meat on the market is that our meat never leaves our custody until we ship it to your doorstep. We are the cowboy butchers.



As the Cowboy Butchers
we take on:

Ranching We raise beef, pork, and lamb on pasture with no antibiotics and no GMOs. The animals have a standard of living that translates to nutrient-rich, full-flavored meat.

Processing & Butchering We control the entire process so we know that each piece of meat is truly ours and truly high-quality. We’re able to provide hard-to-find cuts that don’t make it to the grocery store.

Selling Our entire operation is designed to bring you the best meat as easily and transparently as possible.



Born, raised, and finished exclusively on grass. You can taste the difference!


Pasture Raised

Hogs raised with ethical care, by farmers who care!
Pastured Pork!


100% Grass Fed

Born, raised, and finished exclusively on grass. You can taste the difference!



Lamb raised by some of the best sheep hearders there are!  100% Grass Fed Lamb!



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